Sympathy for Roger Ebert


I confess to a flagging interest in the struggle between the forces of Light and Darkness. It’s like Super Sunday in a sport I do not follow, like tetherball. We’re told the future of the world hangs in the balance, and then everything comes down to a handful of hung-over and desperate characters surrounded by dubious special effects.

Like Ebert, I’m pretty much Star-Wars-LOTR-Potter-ed out.


One thought on “Sympathy for Roger Ebert

  1. Yes! And by God if I ever have to read another story with elves, dwarves, goblins, even the mention of the word “mage”, any form of ranger, thief, asassin, halfling, fey-folk, shidhe, or any flippin’ born-in-obscurity-but-destined-for-greatness-as-foretold-by-prophecy story I will sell my reading glasses and move to a cave in some country where they haven’t yet discovered literacy, like, say…East Texas.

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