The Library and The Donut

The walls of the Top Pot Donut Palace and Coffee Shop are lined with a species of books that are, for one reason or another, suited for little else but ambiance today: Off-brand encyclopedia volumes, misc feet of the Harvard 5 ft shelf of Classics, stray volumes of uniform editions of the novels of Frank Yerby and Lloyd C. Douglas, inxexpensive hardback editions of poety gardens and speaker’s treasuries predating the invention of the packer. It forms, in fact, a kind of realspace analogue to what centuries frpm now my be data reliqueries of 99.999 % of everything being, keyboard, scanned, recorded, or otherwise digitized today.
There used to be a joke webpage (probably) more than one) which read “Youy have reached the end of the internet, now turn off your computer and go outside already.” But like Borges’ Babylonian Library, the vasteness of human production in the sphere of ideas is traversable in any one human’s lifetime, but stretches out in all dimensions at once, toward infinity.

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