Today I am a man.

In the Jewish tradition a boy becomes a man after being Bar Mitzvah-ed in his 13th year. Tim Pratt, co-editor and co-publisher with Heather Shaw of Flytrap, (and author of 2 books here, with more on the way) has  accepted my "419 Memoirs" for issue 6 of that celebrated little ‘zine, which makes for my 13th original fiction sale. Tim is also the only editor in the ‘verse who has ever scooped from the Canfield well more’n twiced. And more’n once-d for that matter!

And here is an MC Channel exclusive:

I can tell you that the title is correctly pronounced at least the following ways: "four hundred and nineteen memoirs," "four one nine memoirs," and "four nineteen memoirs" — though the latter two pronunciations share synonymous meaning.


Besides writing breakout novels and award-winning BotY -included short fiction, Heather and Tim give up precious XBox and Warcrack hours putting out Flytrap, so subscribe if you have not. It is a bargain and the post office will deliver it no questions asked!


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