Saw X-Men the other day and am scratching my head as to why it got such tepid reviews – at least considering that the first two were better reviewed. I enjoyed this, and cannot agree with the sentiment that it this installment relied too heavily on special effects at the expense of character. To the contrary, I thought the big action last act worked because of everything that had gone before. This wasn’t a generic action climax, and sympathy was built for all three sides of the war.  Magneto’s final fate (well temporarily final fate, anyway) carried additional resonance because of his specific behavior towards other mutants earlier in the film. I would have liked more Rogue but then I always want more Rogue. And I still stand by my belief that if X-Men has to be a movie franchise (instead of an HBO series as it should be) these movies capture the spirit of the Marvel Multiverse Sturm and Soap Opera just about as well as any movies can. Kelsey Grammer was pitch perfect as Beast, and Halle Berry actually had stuff to do in this one. The digital erasing of two character’s wrinkles for the early flashback scenes was seriously creepy however.

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