A Shocking Insult Against Human Beings

For Gay Rights Movement, a Key Setback – New York Times.

Nowhere did gay marriage seem like a natural fit more than New York,
where the Stonewall uprising of 1969 provided inspiration for the gay
rights movement and where a history of spirited progressivism had led
some gay couples to envision their own weddings someday.

Yesterday’s court ruling against gay marriage was more than a legal rebuke, then — it came as a shocking insult to gay rights groups. Leaders said they were stunned by both the rejection and the decision’s language, which they saw as expressing more concern for the children of heterosexual couples than for the children of gay couples.

Let’s at least be clear about one thing, if you today do not support the rights of gays to marry each other, to adopt children, and to otherwise lead their own lives unmolested, just as we straight people are allowed to, then one day – perhaps ten, perhaps thirty years from now, perhaps longer – but someday, I promise you; you will be held in the same contemptuous dismay we today hold those people of times past who blithely accepted slavery, or the oppression of women, or any number of inexcusable ills, as the natural order of things.

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