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Link: Starbucks Gossip: Don’t you hate those people who sit and use your wi-fi all day?
Comment from Becca:

We have free wifi (the only Bucks in the city that does!) and we have a couple of people who use it all day, but they all buy drinks. One guy is the funniest, he just doesn’t know it. He spends all day working on his blog (how he makes a living, I have NO idea), anyways, his blog is a complete lie! He makes these posts like "I’m travelling through Spain today, and did this…" then he goes and finds pics and posts them. We always try to spend as much time as possible bussing the tables near him so that we can read his lies of the day.


2 thoughts on “Lying Bloggers

  1. Jenn Reese says:

    Fake blogger! I love it! I should try that some time.

  2. The explanation for the guy is simple. He is a paid writer.

    The confusion comes from the brain wipe that most of us got a few years back. There used to be something known as “fiction” which was stories that were made up to entertain and illuminate. Somewhere this “real world” virus took over the best of us and wiped that notion clean.

    Now with the whole “true story” standard for writing, we have to reinvent the wheel of fiction. However, like all reinventions, it’s going to take a while to get all the bugs worked out so we can get back to where we started.

    Basically, if this brain wipe hadn’t happened, this guy would be a plain old fiction writer. Or if he sucks, he would be a bus boy. Since people seem to be peering over his shoulder “reading his lies all day”, I suppose those lies are good enough so he doesn’t have to have a day job. I envy him.

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