A Changing of the Seasons


As I walked to the library the other day, trying the reach its sphere of regenerating air-con and mulling the NY Times story: Restoration of Power in Queens Remains in Doubt, I thought about how our species’ traditional view of the seasons is about to flip. Once upon a time in, North America and Europe at least, winter has been long mythologized as the season of death and sleep, while summer was the time of idylls and Shakespeare’s romantic comedies.

If those crazy crazy loons in the scientific community and Al Gore, are to be believed instead of sensible highly-informed media pundits and our forward-thinking embryonic stem cell savior of a President, then within a generate no one will think of summer as something to look forward to. Rather winter will be seen as the season of some relief, and summer the season of death.


2 thoughts on “A Changing of the Seasons

  1. This is a brilliant idea. I hope you put this into a story! Don’t worry, I’m not going to use it, but damn, I’m tempted! :)

    Please post a blog entry when it gets published and I’ll look it up.


  2. Mike Canfield says:

    Use it! Even if we both write stories, the will each be unique!

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