This is why Republicans win …

They are pragmatic. No matter that they owe this woman [Rep. Katherine Harris, R-Fla.] big time for ushering the current occupant of the Oval Office into his job, if she doesn’t have the numbers she’s not getting her party’s support and they don’t care who knows it.

Meanwhile, in Connecticut, the big gun (Bill Clinton) is brought out to bolster Leiberman, to bolster a candidate the increasing numbers of Democrats do not want representing them. This is in the name of preserving a Democratic seat, whatever the cost, rather than taking their chances with a new person outside the machine, one who might actually reflect what Democrats believe.

Link: Florida GOP turned back on Harris – Yahoo! News.

The state Republican Party bluntly told Rep. Katherine Harris that she couldn’t win this fall’s Senate election and that the party wouldn’t support her campaign, a letter obtained Monday by The Associated Press shows.

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