Hey, a lot of people believe a lot of things!

There’s this poll that something like a third of American’s believe 9/11 was a put-job involving the U.S. government. Ya know, because the government is so anti-business they wanted to put our economy into a tail-spin I guess. Also, somebody in the government must have decided the Pentagon needed a renovation. This is just like when Lincoln shot himself in the head to cement his legacy and when George the Third wrote the U.S. Declaration of Independence in order to rid himself of the onerous colonies.
Evidently were are, Stephen Colbert-like, meant to believe that facts are a matter of opinion. After all, if some many people believe something, there must be some truth in it. Well, a lot of people believe John Edward has special powers. This stupid poll begs the same question as that belief does, namely WHERE DO PEOPLE COME UP WITH THIS BULLSHIT !?!?!?!

Link to a news story with the focus completely wrong: Was 9/11 an ‘inside job’?.


4 thoughts on “Hey, a lot of people believe a lot of things!

  1. wendellmew says:

    Hey, a lot of people believe a lot of things!


  2. Kasey Kite says:

    Good point about the administration having no motive. There’s no way they’d want a huge resurgence in their approval ratings, a distraction from the mess they were making of running the country, and a pretext for war.

    Sure, the president had plans for invading afganistan on his desk before 9/11, but that’s just a coincidence. It’s not a neocon conspiracy, of that we can be sure.

  3. Conrad says:

    Very funny, the SeattlePI article is obviously a poll with questions designed to get scary and misleading results: “More than a third of the American public suspects that federal officials assisted in the 9/11 terrorist attacks or took no action to stop them.”

    Read that again: “OR TOOK NO ACTION TO STOP THEM.” That’s like an article saying that the number of murderers and jaywalkers has increased so we’d better lock our doors.

    So next time you hear someone say that 1/3 of Americans believe that 9/11 was a conspiracy, correct them and point out that folks are using fraudulent polls designed to generate headlines that sell newspapers. There are really only a handfull of looney-tune nut-jobs out there who believe that 9/11 was a government conspiracy.

  4. lesigh says:

    About your fradulent poll non-sense…

    The two ideas do, indeed, go hand in hand. Lets assume that the government had no active role in 9/11. The idea that they took no action to stop it implies that they had knowledge of it before it happened and did nothing to stop it from happening or to reduce casualties.

    That is passive participation.

    That is criminal.

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