How to pack w/ airport security in mind

Useful info for air travellers here:

Link: The Seattle Times: Travel Outdoors: How to pack — and cope — with new airport security.

All gels, liquids and lotions are banned from carry-on luggage under new U.S. government rules. That means no water bottles, cosmetics, shampoo, contact lens solution, toothpaste, perfume, etc. Pack such items in checked bags or you’ll have to throw them out at security checkpoints. To guard against liquids spilling in checked luggage, avoid breakable bottles and pack anything liquid in a sealed plastic bag .

• Anything you buy to drink in the terminal can’t be taken on the plane. Airlines are stocking up with extra drinks.

• Take as small a carry-on bag as possible; the less clutter, the easier it is for security personnel to screen bags. If in doubt about an item, put it in your checked luggage.


One thought on “How to pack w/ airport security in mind

  1. I don’t ever take anything other than carry on. If I can’t see the bag the whole trip; I don’t need it. Getting extra bags is too much of a hassle.

    As for liquids, I have lots of saliva in my mouth at all times. What to do?

    I guess I’ll have to ride my bike across the country.


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