Everybody should watch “The Wire”

I’ll be covering The Wire season 4, which starts September 10th for TV Squad which I am quite happy about. It’s the best show on television  (beating out all the other best shows on television such as BSG, Deadwood, and even the previous bestest best shows on television like Six Feet Under and The Sopranos.) Good news for those without HBO. Seasons 1 and 2 have been out on DVD for awhile, and season 3 (which is even better than season 1) should be out soon is also out now.

You should watch this. I am not kidding. And give it a couple episodes, because the pace is different than a lot of TV.  What looks like just another cop show, is really a sweeping tragedy, an epic story of our times. If you like rich, profound portrayals of the human condition, you will be moved by it. If not … fuck it.


3 thoughts on “Everybody should watch “The Wire”

  1. Tim Pratt says:

    Season three’s out on DVD now! We’ve been watching it all week. 3 eps left to go. Good stuff.

  2. Mike Canfield says:

    Thanks for the correction on season 3 DVD’s Tim. Glad you guys like it. I pretty much wept at the end.

  3. Tim Pratt says:

    We watched the finale tonight. Amazing stuff.

    Though I would argue that the best show on television is actually The Venture Brothers. :)

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