Back from hiatus (and posting a review snip)

Well an unintended hiatus, anyway. I’ll try to start posting more regularly again. Maybe I needed the break. The major news of note is that Flytrap #6 which includes my story "419 Memoirs" is now available to order! I think it’s one of my best efforts, not that that’s always a great sign.

Reviewer E. Sedia at Tangent was very kind. Here’s what she said about the story:

Fly6Michael Canfield’s "419 Memoirs" makes a
strong opening—seemingly disjointed sketches of people’s lives in some
unspecified but near future paint a complex, multiplayer picture of this future
society. But just like the lives of our contemporaries, these future memoirs
are funny and sad and poignant and a little pathetic, and the story is quite
enjoyable because of that. The future is quite believable, in large part
because the author creates neologisms that don’t make one cringe, and the hints
of new geopolitical divisions are plausible. All in all, a lovely story.

And she liked some of the other stories even more. So don’t take my word for it, take hers, and order another great issue of Flytrap.

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