“Landing Day”

My story "Landing Day" (an actual, bona fide, science-fiction story, btw) will appear in Talebones #35. Hurray! Via editor Patrick Swenson’s Live Journal, here’s the complete TOC (William F. Nolan !!!!) …

"Wolf Song" by William F. Nolan
"Landing Day" by Michael Canfield
"Two" by Jack Skillingstead
"Mildred’s Garden" by James C. Glass
"Death Comes but Twice" by Mary Robinette Kowal
"Sweep Me to My Revenge!" by Darrel Schweitzer
"The Old Husband’s Tale" by Patricia Russo
"A Little Animal Throb" by Andrew Tisbert
"Iron Ties" by Hayden Trenholm

"Unusual Employment Opportunities" by G.O. Clark
"Interstellar Infestation" by Kendall Evans
"Lepidoptimist" by William Gagnon
"Catherine" by James Taglienti
"Rotwang’s House of Ill Repute" by Robert Borski

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2 thoughts on ““Landing Day”

  1. tobias s buckell says:

    Congrats! Good to see you back.

  2. Jenn Reese says:

    Wonderful news–Congrats! And I, too, am happy to see a new post. :)

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