New “Heroes” post up

FatherOf episode 13 "The Fix" at TvS.

Here’s a snip, a mini-editorial on how I feel about George Takei being cast in the show:

Some viewers aren’t looking to give Takei much of a
chance, based on web chatter I’ve seen. I like Takei. He barely makes
an appearance tonight, but the single shot of his stony visage as he
stares down Hiro in fatherly disappointment is enough to make me
willingly decide to forget Sulu for the purposes of enjoying Heroes.
Takei is having a resurgence right now, and that is only part of a long
and distinguished career. Meet him halfway. If the audience gives him
the chance they would give any other well-known face in a new role I
expect they will see he can do the character and the show justice.


One thought on “New “Heroes” post up

  1. Jenn Reese says:

    I have great respect for Takei! I saw him star in Equus last year, and he was fan-freakin’-tastic. When I saw him on Heroes last night, my reaction was similar to Hiro’s — holy shit! He has presence and knows how to use it.

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