Tangent Review: "Landing Day" Talebones #35

Tangent Review by Michelle Lee:

With “Landing Day” by Michael Canfield, the issue jumps from classic horror to social science fiction. Two stories in one, the first follows a triumph of humanity that echoes the first moon landing. April Greer is part of a two-person exploratory team, the first to walk on an ethereal new planet, across our solar system. The second occurs on Earth, where Tom Greer takes advantage of the holiday and slips into a bank for enough cash to keep running, getting distracted by the televised account of his daughter’s landing. The story muses on whether Tom’s darker nature predestines April to bad happenings as well. Can luck cross bodies with DNA and determine the best or worst of a person, before they even have a will of their own to exercise?


One thought on “Tangent Review: "Landing Day" Talebones #35

  1. Fred says:

    >Congrats on good reviews and publication. I don’t think I’ve read this one, but I will. Strange how much I liked your really old stuff, and you are probably thinking, “that crap.” This must be even better.Please don’t read Slug. I am revising heavily.Fred

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