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I don’t do shaky-cam so I won’t be spending ten bucks on Cloverfield.

I did see Cassandra’s Dream which was slow. Felt as if Allen only made it because he makes one movie after another. Like he didn’t know what else to do in London (where the money comes from now) she he put on another existential murder drama. Very weak compared to the Highsmith-esque Match Point, but still much stronger than his last five or six comedies. When did you ever think that would happen: new Woody Allen film? At least it isn’t a comedy.

Just watch The Wire on television. When that series end in two months, disconnect your cable and sell your TV on craiglist for $20, like I’m going to do. There will not be a better show in this generation. It’s over. Seriously.


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  1. Fred says:

    We don’t have a tv, we get all our shows from netflix.I have not been reading the blog lately. Who do you favor in the election? My fantasy is a shootout b/w Kusinich and Ron Paul. :)Fred

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