Caucus Update

Well I did end up going. There were about 100 people at my caucus, as opposed to about 15 in 2004. We had six delegates to election this time. With about 67 votes for Obama (my choice) about 22 for Clinton and 4 undecided on the first vote. This meant about 4.25 delegates for Obama and 1.5 for Clinton. Of course they rounded so that was 4 for Obama and 2 for Clinton. Then time was given for speeches to try and sway votes. Someone pointed out that if the four undecideds changed to Obama that would switch the final slate to 5 Obama delegates and 1 Clinton delegate.

One of the undecideds switched to Obama, on switched to Clinton. Two delegates chose to stay undecided, and so they shall remain — at least until November when the will have the choice of candidates chosen by others. Fair enough, but that’s an interesting way to spend two-and-a-half hours on a Saturday — sitting around a grammar school gym for the purpose of not voting. If not then, when?

I hate politics.

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