Less than three hours until my caucus …

… and I still don’t know if I am going to go. I went to the supermarket this morning. Of course the supermarket is open, and the coffee shops, the DVD store and everything else. On one street there are hundreds of employees who have to work today and won’t have to change to caucus. That sucks. I used to work Saturdays at a job I held two years ago. We had primaries then, which was good for me, or otherwise I would not have been able to participate.

This year, because of the new schedule and (holy law of unintended consequences, Batman!) a dead heat provided by un-Super Tuesday, the Washington State delegates are actually important. I hope the Democrats are not counting too heavily on the disenfranchised shift workers in this and other caucus states next November. Even though this seems to favor my candidate Obama, right now in primary season, this sucks.

It’s disgusting.

Fuck you Washington State Democratic Party apparatus.

Update: I restated it all here.

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  1. SJ says:

    >Thanks for writing this–I saw some indie businesses as I walked though Wallingford/Fremont today that had closed for the caucus, but everywhere I looked there were other people stuck behind counters. And people like my librarian friend, stuck at work at odd hours as well.I was glad I could caucus, but it’s broken for others.

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