Gorging on 35 Dishes, Daily

Does Sullivan manage to post 15 – 35 times a day in part because he doesn’t allow comments? I wonder. The other Atlantic.com bloggers take comments, and Yglesias post nearly as often, and takes comments to boot. One of the Atlantic bloggers (I can’t find the post now) did mention that he or she mostly has to ignore comments to avoid the time sinkhole. And Sullivan’s post are usually one hit: i.e. one idea, one snip, and one link max, with the occasional longer post. I find it very addictive. I probably check Sullivan more often than I check my own political blogs labeled RSS feed. So do many others, as Sullivan is on the Technorati 100. In fact, almost all the blogs I read daily are in the Technorati 100 — which attests to how mainstream my web time-wasting is!

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