I can’t figure out why McCain wants to be president.

Why? Just because?

I know he doesn’t want to swiftly withdraw troops from Iraq. I know he doesn’t want to do anything about health care. I know he doesn’t have any great interest in economic issues.

I think he would maybe attempt to ban torture, and would not be a cruel on immigration issues as any of the Republican candidates he’s already defeated, but none of them are running now, and either Democrat will be better on torture and immigration than McCain.

I’m sure he’s for tax cuts. I’m sure he’s for reminding “us” daily that the world is a dangerous place, and that he will work to “keep us safe” possibly by applying as much muscle around the world as we have left in the arsenal.

This seems like a delusional campaign. He’s running is if there is a yearning among the electorate of four more years of the same.

The press is geared to presenting both sides of an issue, which often implies the two sides are equal. The race in November is not really going to be that close. It’s glaringly obvious McCain and the Republicans are hold very weak cards.

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