Again I’m wrong about Clinton

A few posts down I mentioned I thought she showed class. I naively believed her conciliatory rhetoric opening the last debate, and stupidly believed she intended to go out with a little class. Clintonistas, you almost fooled me again!


3 thoughts on “Again I’m wrong about Clinton

  1. Anonymous says:

    What is it with the Clinton bashing?OK, OK, I’m still a little miffed that my candidate Ron Paul got bumped despite winning a Fox debate. I’m also upset that my “dream match” with Kusinich would not occur. I’d really like to go to the ballot box thinking, “This is great! I don’t who to vote for. _Both_ canditates are great. Perhaps, I’ll spend a little time looking at the _issues_. Seeing last election. And the one before that, the only way you can win this thing is to have fighter. By fighter I mean cheater.So with tin foil hat firmly in place, I’d like to say that Hillary should be the nominee. You really need to be able to do anything to win this one. If it takes delegates with super powers, SuperDelegates (or even some sweet camel case delegates) I say so be it.Why the hell would we want a cool, handsome, charismatic, good speaker of a candidate when we can have a real fighter?Fred

  2. Michael Canfield says:

    Obama is a fighter – how else is he still in the game?

  3. Fred says:

    “Obama is a fighter – how else is he still in the game?”I will not deny that. By fighter, I meant cheater. :) I was really joking.After watching the last two elections, then seeing how my favorite candidates were abused on TV, I give up. I looked it up, the way they treated Ron Paul on Fox News would constitute verbal abuse and be grounds for dismissal at the hospital I worked at.I don’t take the elections seriously anymore. I do not think we have been living in a republic by my sense of the word in a very long time.I’m going to vote for Nader because I like him more than any other candidate. I know it’s not going to do anything at all.Therefore, the only thing I think I can do to make myself feel better during the election year is to make jokes about the whole situation.Obama is better than the other choices at the moment. No doubt. He just doesn’t do it for me. Perhaps he is too handsome and charismatic or something. :)Fred

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