Why I am still for Obama

Yes, yes he has all those horrible qualities like charisma, optimism, and hasn’t spent the last twenty years in Georgetown, but …

I like Obama because he spent time overseas in school as a kid, has a varied and multi-cultural background, and might be able to stand on the world stage with other world leaders and not be so arrogant. He’s the anti-Bush. I really think a President can only set a tone (or invade stuff).
No matter who is the next President there won’t be any universal health care and we will be Iraq for another decade.
But the longer this goes on, the more Clinton makes me sick.

Any other the three front runners would be better than Bush because they are all competent. McCain is the hardest to read, because he has reversed himself this year on almost everything he has ever stood for, in order the get the Republican nomination. So the hope with him, is that he is really just I liar and isn’t really planning on serving W.’s third term. One thing about him that is consistent is his world view — namely that war is the natural state on humankind. Maybe that comes from his background from a family of officer-class military elites, maybe it is even true, but it’s a little too Julius Caesar for me.

Clinton just depresses me, because she is really invested in the 50/50 blue/red divide. She enjoys perpetual political war. She courts it. In ’92 the thinking in congress was that they were going to have to give something in terms of health care reform to the Clintons. Maybe not everything they wanted but something. However, she walled herself and her team off completely, came up with a giant plan in secret, presented it in a take-it-or-leave it manner and accomplished the near impossible in allowing a Democratically-controlled congress to reject it. As President I don’t believe she will work with people. She will work against them. Why? Because she would rather fail and be self-satisfied in her superiority, then get something achievable. If nothing gets done in her administration she will always have the Republicans and the media, or sexism to blame. I see it every day in the way she campaigns. Temperament-wise she is closest to W. than anyone else who has run this cycle: “I am right. My side has all the good ideas. If you aren’t with us, you’re against us.” It scarcely matters what the issue is, or who the opponent is: could be Obama, or Kenneth Starr, or MSNBC, or whoever. It doesn’t matter to Clinton, an enemy is an enemy.

I don’t want to sit through four more years of that.

I think getting a new guy in there, one who hasn’t been entrenched in Washington power for close to 20 years is the best chance of shaking things up. The worst thing for our decaying republic is to continue the concentration of power into the few. A McCain or a Clinton presidency won’t do much to reverse the Bush years of steady-slide into soft fascism, because it keeps the same people in power that have been in power, and those Bush power plays against the constitution won’t be given up easily because power is difficult to give up. But if you get a new group, there is a chance at least. Maybe. The alternatives are either rewarding the party that has destroyed the economy by borrowing billions from China to prosecute an unnecessary war for fun and (by openly embracing torture and trashing habeas corpus) given aid and comfort to radical Islam. Or to put the spouse of a popular former leader into power like a banana republic would.

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3 thoughts on “Why I am still for Obama

  1. >Hi, Michael.You are right on about Obama. I was an Edwards supporter for a long time and a Deaniac from early in the 2004 cycle. I just wish Obama could wrap this up so we can put the primary behind us before it gets worse. I was ready to support either candidate, but the longer this fight goes on, the more distasteful the Clinton candidacy becomes.Glad to discover we share some political perspectives. I try not to let politics interfere with my admiration for writers (Card and Lisle come to mind) but it is still cool when a good writer also has good politics. =)Which brings me to the reason I found you, through Michael Ehart’s blog. He and I are posters at the SF Reader forums and I recently added some notes to my blog about your story “The Whited Child” from Black Gate #9. It’s a great story, especially the voice you use. It was the first Black Gate story I read and it made the whole magazine worth the price of admission.I’ll be looking for more of your work.Peace and progress,Bryan Hitchcock

  2. >Thanks Bryan! Appreciate you kind words about that story. I’m glad you liked it! Black Gate is a great magazine, I only wish they published more frequently.

  3. Anonymous says:

    >I really wonder what a “nicer” guy like Obama will do with the new powers gained by Bush vs. congress. I seriously doubt a president will cede these powers no matter how nice he is. I guess this means we need to be careful who becomes president. Or put our heads deeper into the sand.I feel that in the last 8 years a precedent has been made. I don’t know if it is “dangerous”. It felt that way in the past, but now there is something new going to happen with this election. I have no idea what.It’s like the Roman empire when the first emperor was made, the whole thing had to be about empire. Nobody would think of restoring the republic. I could never figure out why this was so.I think we are going to either have a congress with a big ones or deal with more powerful presidents. Forever. So basically, we have a more powerful president.I’d like to see what happens if the power is used for good. I suspect if McCain gets into office, he makes a bid for even more power. Why not? Bush showed how easy it is. Just stand up to congress and dare them to do something. Cue the scary music and accuse congress of not “protecting” the people enough. Done. The other thing that is funny is that the whole thing about domestic spying. I don’t mind being spied on if it’s going to make me safe. I’d prefer a court to look over the records sooner or later so one does not set up a dictatorship behind our backs.But the real thing that gets me is this whole spying thing is being done by extreme cheapskates. It’s like the airport security. The rent-a-cops are paid like minimum wage. So the people they get to do the spying are going to be incompetent. So in a way, they are giving lots of power to incompetent people. That means all this data is going to leak all over the place sooner or later. Also, they are collecting so much data, that sorting through this is going to be impossible. In a court case, when you ask for documents, the opposing side does not give you less data than you ask for. That would be contempt. They give you more. Much more. So much, it’s really hard to sort through all the irralevant crap. That’s what really cracks me up about Total Information Awareness. You have all the information, but you can’t sort it.Better to get less information as long as you are sure the info is about terrorists only. Even all that is not totally useful. The biography of the terrorist’s second cousin hat maker back in Yemen is pretty useless. But the way they seem to measure it, more is better.My solution to the whole problem would be to post everything, Everything, online. The problem is that the databases are so shoddy that I’d get my identity stolen, again, and I’d have to spend my own time to fix it. I’d love to send these credit agencies a bill for my time, but that would never happen. :)Fred

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