Stuff I hate (part 1 of a series)

Finding I left kleenex in a pocket after doing laundry.

"Napoleon … with dragons!"

"The American Revolution … with dragons!"

"Apollo 13 … with dragons!"

"The Holocaust … with warlocks!"

"The Cold War … with aliens!"


One thought on “Stuff I hate (part 1 of a series)

  1. Fred says:

    Are you talking about Harry Turtledove?
    I kind of like his writing ideas. Read a bunch of history books on a subject. Then change one detail and see how it all works out. There are infinite possibilities, though he keeps going to WW II or the Civil War for some reason. I like how he did a whole series about the South after it won the Civil War. I mean, real history is hard enough to grasp. Throwing dragons into the mix is just…pointless?
    That actually brings to mind a script I wrote years ago that mixes random words. I should toss some fantasy and real history word lists into the blender and see what comes out. I smell a book contract here. :)
    I think a truly alternate history would be something really, really pointless. Like some obscure duchess dying early in life rather than living a long time in order to make the dukes life a Living Hell! Then write a series where history doesn’t change one damn bit because the duchess’s life didn’t really matter. How trivial stuff could actually just be trivial shit and not affect anything longterm, and most of history nobody cares about.
    Also, people only have so much memory which is why Indian history is the history of the unknown. They start history early in Indian schools and teach and teach and teach. They never get through all of it before the kids graduate. So most of the Indians grow up really bored with history, realizing how pointless things really are. The small percentage that really enjoyed things grow up to be really boring dates. :)

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