Wesley Snipes

Taking away a human being’s liberty for 3 years in a case like this just seems draconian to me. Snipes did act foolishly when he chose to align himself with the anti-tax loonies and trust their advice, but did he attempt to HIDE his earnings to defraud the government. No. In fact he has appeared contrite in court and has made restitution and paid a great deal of fines. I’m not saying he should get off free, but seriously, isn’t a length of time reporting to a probation officer (I wouldn’t want to have to do it) and a lifetime ahead of constant tax scrutiny a valid punishment? The judge has decided that depriving the guy of his freedom and income is just the thing needed. This will also cost the State any taxes they could have collected on income Snipes would have made otherwise in those three years as well as the cost it will incur in keeping him incarcerated. Bad deal all around.


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  1. Fred says:

    >Yes, but this is going to “send a message” to all the people who evade their taxer in the future. Additionally, it is going to allow the rest of us to know that, “something is being done about tax cheaters” and give us the feeling that “nobody is above the law” even celebrities.Until the next time this happens, of course.Fred

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