John Edwards – Asshole

Yes people have a right to privacy, and it's no one's business but the principals that Edwards conducted an extramarital affair while his wife undergoes cancer treatment. But he wanted to be president and he had to know how damaging this would be if it got out. If he had been nominated the Republicans could have used this against him. If he had been elected the Republicans could have effectively shut down his administration as they did in Clinton's second term. All these candidates have huge egos: McCain, Obama, the Clinton, sure. But Edwards' hubris could have resulted in four more years of Republican rule, yet he, secret life and all, felt the he was the best person to lead right now. Coming from me, this isn't much a rebuke: to be honest, I never thought much of him: an empty suit of a man, all haircut and platitudes, dimples and teeth. Now we'll have to listen to his staged mea culpa, his withdrawal from public life "to be with his family" while Elizabeth stands by the podium, humiliated and ashen. Yet another sideshow to distraction from the important business to be done in the next ninety days. Thanks Edwards, you asshole, thanks a great steaming pant load.

Edwards admits he had affair after heated denials – Yahoo! News

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One thought on “John Edwards – Asshole

  1. >I actually liked him because I thought his ideas were good. I agree these assholes need to figure out what they want to do. If they wanna be president, act like that all the time. Hey, it’s a tough job. If they want to sleep around, there are always good jobs in porn. I’m sure they’d pay extra for a serious ex-president candidate. Why sleep around if you can’t get paid for it?

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