Troops Deployed Abroad Give 6:1 to Obama

Via OpenSecrets.


One thought on “Troops Deployed Abroad Give 6:1 to Obama

  1. >This was a head scratcher for me.I thought we were going to have a military coupe to make Bush dictator for life. Instead, he cut benefits, and went out of his way to fuck over the troops. They responded by re-electing him.So basically, I feel like the Republicans have a lock on the military vote and can thus ignore it much like the Democrats ignore minorities because of their supposed (and untrue–hello Miami Cubans) lock on their votes.My favorite quote was this:”It’s hard to describe how apolitical a lot of the enlisted ranks are. He’s worried about other things than following the news.”What could they possible be worried about that is not in the news? Are not major “conflict” involvement news. Are they not still run by politicians? So why would someone who’s life may depend on where they are deployed and with what gear not care about this kind of thing? I don’t get it at all.

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