Obama needs to pick Hillary Clinton for VP

He's slipping in the polls lately because of the Republican sleaze machine attacks which McCain has totally embraced as his best change to win election. The closest thing the Dems have to machiavellian politicos is the Clintons. He needs her, because he can't stoop to McCain's tactics, that would backfire, but his running mate may be able to. Sadly, once again the Republicans are succeeding as portraying a Democratic nominee as someone unpalatable to "plain folks." I wish it weren't true, but it's what a lot of people believe. A son of an admiral whose second-wife is worth over a hundred million dollars, who has voted against improving veteran's benefits, who wants tax credits for to protect the windfall profits of the oil industry, who borrows his prison camp stories from Solzhenitsyn, who loves war enough to dream of doubling the amount of our current wars to four (just add in Iran and Georgia), is the regular guy, and the man who grew up in a single-parent home and only paid his student loans off in his forties, is the elitist.

And, not for nothing, Obama even wrote his own books. By himself.

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