When I first caught The Middleman I thought it was a mildly amusing Men in Black meets “Buffy-parody” fun summer series, with the added advantage of a very fetching Natalie Morales as Wendy “Dub-dub” Watson. As the season continued and the pop culture references piled up, I thinks it’s more that that: a charming campy, sci-fi/hipster/comic book nutty soup of clever goodness. Sort of like the 1960’s Batman series, but with story continuity. I hope it comes back next year. Ratings were weak, I heard. First couple episodes aren’t much, but it gets better each week. All online now. ABC Family: The Middleman videos: watch free.

The series is created and written by the original comic’s creator, Javier Grillo-Marxuach; is that a first?

By the season finale, in which every single man in the mirror universe sported a goatee, I found myself looking for the “more like this” button on my remote.

UPDATE: Apparently all but the finale episode have already expired at ABC Family website, (but will return at somepoint?). Meanwhile there is iTunes for just under $24, and the other method people resort to when networks fail to make their content easily accessible, in an on-demand advertising-supported web format.

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