Palin/Couric (OK, she ISN’T qualified)

Palin on CBS with Katie Couric was bad, because you can’t have the candidate begging with her eyes for the interviewer to bail her out of questions. And the questions weren’t exactly tough. Palin can’t form sentences and her head is just filled with talking point gobbledygoo so nouns and verbs just fly out of her mouth without any descernible relationship to the question asked or even to each other. It was a stunning display. I have to take back everything I ever said even remotely positive about her. She is probably not qualified to be mayor of Wasilia. No joke. It’s bad when your first thought is McCain should pick Katie Couric to replace her.

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One thought on “Palin/Couric (OK, she ISN’T qualified)

  1. Tara says:

    What concerns me most about Palin is that though we’re able to see in just one soft-hiting interview that she’s floundering, how did McCain and his camp miss the same ineptitude through days of interviews? I’m concerned about their apparent lack of good judgement.

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