If you don’t believe me, maybe you’ll believe Shermer

Nah, probably you won’t.

Skepticblog » Gay Marriage: Stone Them to Death! : “Mark my words. Here is what is going to happen. Within a decade, maybe two, Christians will come around to treating gays no differently than they now treat members of other groups whom they previously persecuted — women, Jews, blacks — but not because of some new interpretation of a biblical passage, or because of a new revelation from God. These changes will come about the same way that they always do: by the oppressed minority fighting for the right to be treated equally, and by a few enlightened members of the oppressing majority supporting their cause.”

— Michael Shermer

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One thought on “If you don’t believe me, maybe you’ll believe Shermer

  1. I’m not positive about this, but I believe that Christians did accept gay people much more than they do now. In my reading of the Bible, I have not found anything that is _clear_ that says that homosexuals should be mistreated in any way.
    I know there is stuff in the old testament, but it also bans cheeseburgers in the same book. So this is really inconsistent at best.
    What is very, very clear is the urge for Christians to love all others and not to judge one another. That’s super duper clear.
    I had read that there were gay weddings in the past. I don’t know. I wasn’t there. I do believe that at best gay people were pretty much ignored for many centuries as more pressing issues came to the forefront such as when to celebrate Easter, see Gibbon.
    I think the whole issue over gays is going to go away then come back then go away again. One can only focus on so many issues at a time.
    What makes me scratch my head is the question as to why the hell this is such an issue to begin with. My only guess is that it is a convenient distraction. Get Republicans agitated over what others are doing in the bedroom, and you aren’t going to pay attention to economic issues so much because you are wasting your brainpower. Only a guess.
    I try not to get excited either way. If I voted in CA, it would have been against Prop 8, but I think that it’s not worth a lot of excess energy with more pressing problems. I’m so sick of this issue, let’s grant gay people their rights and let Christians move on to more important things like helping the homeless.
    Oh, having just ridden through middle America, I have to say the people were all wonderful and kind. They weren’t really gay bashing at all, not even a little. So I think the anti-Christian protest signs are quite rude and unnecessary. I wish the signs all said, “No on 8” or something and didn’t bash Mormons especially despite their vote. Not a good way to get people to change their votes.

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