Books Read 11/19/2007 – 12/31/2008

Does not include volumes I gave up on, nor books I reread in this time period. Nor does it include magazine & website short fiction read. 23 works of fiction, 2 poetry, 78 books total: 

The China Study   Colin Campbell (see note at bottom).

Letters to a Young Contrarian   Hitchens (made me wish I was braver and more intellectually honest).
The Way of the Superior Man    David Deida
Free as in Freedom    Sam Williams
Becoming Vegan    
The Art of Money Getting    P.T. Barnum
Understanding Comics    Scott McCloud
Vegan Freak    Bob Torres and Jenna Torres
How to Be Idle    Hodgekinson
Unmarketable    Anne Elizabeth Moore
Making Comics    Scott McCloud
Rules of the Game    Neil Strauss
On Becoming Fearless    Arianna Huffington (meh, suprisingly unsubstantial. I still love Arianna though.)
The Republic    Plato
Ode to Kirihito    Osamu Tezuka (medical-genre manga from the creator of Astro-Boy)
Your Best Poker Friend    Alan Schoonmaker (I've stopped playing now.)
Healthy at 100    John Robbins
Born Standing Up    Steve Martin
The Freedom Manifest     Hodgekinson
Free Culture    Lawrence Lessig (Read a lot of "copyfight" type books this year.)
The Pickwick Papers    Dickens
Things I Overheard Talking to Myself    Alan Alda (he is awesome — and he's strive to think rationally, while still maintaining an optimistic world view. This is my life's goal.)
Diablerie    Walter Mosley
The New Kings of Nonfiction    Glass  
My Own Kind of Freedom    (Firefly unauthorized fanfic) Steven Brust  
After Dark    Haruki Murakami   (I have absolutely no recollection of reading this book.)
Three Lives    Gertrude Stein (2 parts good but found Stein's attempt to write from the perspective of an African-American woman utterly unconvincing).
The Secret Life of Puppets    Victoria Nelson (pretty cool. a very broad definition of puppets, btw.
Vagabonding    Rolf Potts
The Color Out of Time    Michael Shea
The Mind of the Market    Michael Shermer
The Nine    Toobin (Best political book I read this year. About the Supreme Court from Reagan era through Gore v. Bush and now.)
Traitor to the Living    Philip Jose Farmer
80/10/10 Diet    D. Graham

Bernard Malamud: A Writer's Life 
by Philip Davis

The Land of Oz    Baum (I never read these as a kid. I missed out. They kick ass.)
Ozma of Oz    Baum
Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz    Baum
Selected Speechs, Messages, and Letters of Lincoln (Rinehart)
The Road to Oz    Baum
The Emerald City of Oz    Baum
The Patchwork GIrl of Oz    Baum
Tik-Tok of Oz    Baum
Old Flames/Right to Life    Jack Ketchum 
Team of Rivals    Doris Kearns Godwin (Best book on this list.)
From Idea to Story in 90 Seconds    Ken Rand (not as useful as "10% Solution" for me.
Devil May Care    Sebastian Faulks  "writing as Ian Fleming." (Set in 1969, a respectable job.)
Manhunt    James L. Swanson
The Scarecrow of Oz    Baum
Rinkitink in Oz    Baum
Learned Optimism    Seligman (Very Good)
Comic Wars    Dan Raviv
Nobody Runs Forever    Richard Stark
Ask the Parrot    Richard Stark
Authentic Happiness    Martin Seligman
Dirty Money    Richard Stark
The One Percent Doctrine    Ron Suskind
The Trouble with Poetry and Other Poems   Billy Collins
The Innocent Man    John Grisham (nonfiction). (For some reason, Grisham focuses on the least interesting and least tragic of three men who were all sentenced for murders they didn't commit in one bad year in one badly-run town.

The Dark Side    Jane Mayer
Hit and Run    Lawrence Block (Disappointing entry in an otherwise excellent series.)

The Adventures of Johnny Bunko: The Last Career Guide You'll Ever Need    Daniel H. Pink & Rob Ten Pas   (7 Principles — Talk about padding!)

Ballistics    Billy Collins
Tribes    Seth Godin (meh. I'm over these "guru" guys. I think the only way to suceed using their prinicples and to become an time management guru, motivational speaker, or marketing evangelist yourself.)
Schulz and Peanuts    David Michaelis   (Excellent biography.)
Copyright's Paradox    Neil Weinstock Netanel  
How Fiction Works    James Wood (Sometimes illuminating, entirely enjoyable little book on the elements of fiction, especially the novel since Flaubert.
A Long Line of Dead Men  Lawrence Block

Of these, one book, The China Study by T. Colin Campbell changed my life. discusses the
findings of the best, most comprehensive, rigorous, studies ever done
on human nutrition. illuminating on a lot of reasons the government
hasn't managed to support or educate on good nutrition. Though
Campbell is a vegan, he grew up in a ranching family before becoming a
medical doctor and researcher. he strives to keep his reporting
rational and only to assert what the evidence indicates. If nothing
else it's a great book about the politics of food and the politics of
scientific research. If you wants some facts, but are skeptical and
suspect veganism is new-age magical-thinking frou-frou that you don't
want any part of, give this book a chance, and you might be suprised. I

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