Manuscript format guides online.

Most ms. format articles I've found online have at least one author quirk (like put title in ALL CAPS !?!? so it will "stand out." No, it'll just look weird. I think most editors can suss out that the title in the word group centered halfway down the first page, and directly above the byline.) Or the guy who uses one dash for hyphenated words (correct) but also uses a single dash to indicate dashes between words. Also, he doesn't leave spaces before or after his en dash, which makes scanning his line confusing.

The best I've found is this one by Robert Sawyer, which is also available as a .pdf. He does a few things I'd call quirky, like bold his address information and use a different font than the in the text, which makes for an aesthetically displeasing first page, and insisting on two blank spaces after every period, which is an unneeded hold over from typewriting, since WP apps make a slightly wider space after periods anyway,  but he covers all the details — like how to type a frakking em dash. Robert Sawyer's Manuscript Format Checklist.

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