Zombies: Guidelines to Upcoming Anthologies

Here are excerpts from the writer's guidelines of various Zombie-Themed POD anthologies that will be appearing soon:

Our Union Dead:

Civil War, Alt-History, Horror, Romance, Regency. This is a
zombie-themed War Between the States anthology with a difference. I only want to see
stories about zombies who are fighting for the North. I WILL look at stories that have some
zombies in Confederate gray, but be forewarned, if you choose to submit
such a story you will have a very high bar to clear. Payment: 1/16 to
1/8 cent per word. Length: 1500 to 150,000 words. (Works longer than that may be
considered only for our online anthology supplement page at the reduced
rate of of 1/64 to 1/32 cent per word.) Be bold, be brave, innovate!
Why not set your particular tale during, say, a Civil War reenactment?
Or even a Civil War computer game — but a computer game that suddenly
gets very very real.)

Above all be historically
accurate. I don't want to see any more submissions with zombies
carrying Revolutionary War flintlocks, World War II German grease-guns,
or stories featuring any variety of horse bridle in only limited use
prior to 1864. It's called research, people. Do your job. Besides, at this time, we are overstocked on stories containing anachronistic horse bridles. 

Email subs
only, to editoriusemiritus[at]thebloodofourfourfatherspress.com. No
reprints. Simultaneous submissions will be deleted at once unread. If
you do send a simultaneous submission, and I find out about it, you will
be banned from submitting to any Blood of Our Four Fathers theme
anthology for a period of one year, or the release of our next sixty
theme anthologies, whichever comes first. People, there are
consequences to behavior in this business.

ResurErection: New GeniTALEias.

you're dead, but you're not DEAD right?  This anthology is seeking
stories, poems, and Penthouse-style true letters exploring the profound effects of the zombapocalypse on
sexual organs. Does a zombie penis become erect?  Does a zombie vagina
lubricate? Word length: Microfiction: 0 – 200 words. Full-length
fiction: 225 -1200 words. Stories between those lengths will be defined as either  microfic or macrofic at the sole discretion of the editor.

ONE (1) story will be selected for the Travis Q. Zither Award of $25. This
award is to honor the work of writer and literarateur Travis Q. Zither
for his achievements within the zombie erotica sub-genre, and also to get the anthology listed as a paying market on various websites. Payment for
the other chosen stories will be Exposure AND 10% off contributor
copies (limit of fifteen per contributor). Reprints, while considered,
are strongly discouraged and will not be eligible for the Zither Award.
Fair warning: Stories written by women or that feature female
characters in any way resembling real human beings are always a tough
sell with me. When in doubt, query.

Anticipated print run: 125 copies. Send submissions to travisqzither[at]travisqzither.com

No gratuitous profanity. No rape, incest, or pedophilia except when
essential to the plot. Have some class, people. Simultaneous
submissions will be deleted unread. Estimated response time: 62 to 65

Zombie: Dark Utopias
(UPDATE #15)
Utopias: the places that are not — or so it is defined in the nomenclatura of Sire Thomas Morehouse of Great Britannia. But what if an utopia could exist — and then got taken over by zombies!
(For more information in Sire Thomas Morecoke rent the first two
seasons of Showtime's "The Tudors." It's called an education, people!)
bold, be edgy. We're starting to notice a lot of new zombie books,
novels, anthologies, collections, movies, DVD's, and BluRays appearing
on the horizonistical landscape, as it were. It is no longer enough to
write your Utopian zombie parable as if you were the only writer in the
universal pantheon.

sf/f/ss (both slipstream and sword & sorcery) alt history, alt
future history, western, mystery (no cozies — and– fair warning– cat-based whodunits are usually a tough sell with us). Urban fantasy,
suburban fantasy, neo-weird, nouveau-weird, weird, and not-weird, all
encouraged. No horror. No introspection: send that poop to The New
Yorker or someplace, we just want to be entertained, you stupid
navel-gazer. And no vampires, they are so played out.

should be in standard ms. format. Let me explain what this means:
submissions should not be in non-standard ms. format. I know a lot of
other markets accept submissions in non-standard formats, but you
should know that this market and only this market accepts submissions
only in the standard format, and you should consider that before you
submit a manuscript to us in non-standard format.

Let's talk a
little about our submissions process. We employ the industry-normative
structure of fourteen rounds of readings. In the first round we will
determine whether your manuscript conforms to standard manuscript
format. The second round will consist of a different set of readers who
will consider whether the first set of readers were correct in their
assessment of the manuscript's format. After all, we want to be fair
about this.

After the second round, if it is determined a
manuscript does NOT meet the requirements of passing the first two
rounds, the manuscript will be returned to its author for reformatting.
(Or, in the case of a female-sounding byline, discarded.) Once the author
has reformatted his manuscript correctly and resubmitted it, the
manuscript will go to round three (assuming it can this time pass
rounds one and two.)

Round three with determine whether or not
your name is Neil Gaiman. If so, your manuscript will skip rounds four
through six, AND round twelve. (Note: After the original version of
these guidelines appeared, we received several manuscripts with bylines such as: "by Yeah-Like-Neil-Gaiman's-Gonna-Send-A-Story-To-Your-Lame-A**."
Look people, we are working with a very tight window here, I don't
appreciate what is so obviously NOT Neil Gaiman's real byline appearing in the slush.

Updated response time:
I know that we originally estimated our response time as between
"Anon and St Alban's Day, 2008" but due to the extraordinary
volume of manuscripts we have received (six) none of which have cleared
the seventh round of the submission process yet, we are behind. I feel
I myself bear some of the responsibility for this, as I have not yet
had time to decide what goes on in round seven, or in any of the other
rounds not specifically described here. When I do that, I will post
updated guidelines. You are potential writers and purchasers of
contributor copies — you deserve to know. And I will defend to the
death my right to say that. Current response time is approximately four
months from whatever-your-watch-says-right-this-moment to never. Please
do not query before that time.

Payment: Advance: $0 against a
standard royalty contract: 0.04% on a 75/25 split paid quarterly
beginning — ah, why kid yourself? — there's no such thing as a royalty.

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