“And tens of thousands of lines of time”

 Using WordMonkey I translated Shakespeare's Sonnet 18 into Italian, then the Italian into Greek, the Greek into Chinese (because I got a error message trying to go to Hindi next), then from Chinese to Arabic, Arabic to Albanian, and finally Albanian back to English:

Summer in comparison with the first day
You are more beautiful and soft:
Harsh rocked proud shoots 20 May,
And summer, and rented a very short history:
Sometimes too hot in the light of eyes in the sky,
Often approximate the golden skin,
As well as reasonable and fair reduction in some cases,
By chance, or nature of the changes that have occurred in the course untrimmed:
But the eternal summer fadeless owner
Can not afford to lose thousands of pride,
Or just kill thousands ow'st
In eternal calm wand'rest grow'st
   Man and tens of thousands of lines of time to breathe or eyes can view
   That a long life, which make life for you. Son_b4vS

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