Clarify creative ideals w/ Venn Diagram

Buried in this B.J. Novak interview from the Onion's A.V. Club is a terrific little nugget about The Office producer/writer Greg Daniels use of a Venn diagram to define his approach to comedy. A simple approach to define what's import to him:

[Novak]: […] I had met with Greg Daniels, spoke to him for about an hour and a half
about his theory of comedy, and I thought it was brilliant and simple
and entirely what I believed in, too. […]
[Interviewer]: What did Greg Daniels say about his philosophy of comedy?

[Novak]: He drew a Venn diagram, and he said, “This is
groundbreaking comedy that I really respect.” And he said, “This is
what makes people laugh.” And he said, “I am only interested in the
shaded part in the middle where they overlap.” And I thought, “Sign me
up!” I thought it was humble and honest, but still with the value of
quality. I know it’s a simple thing to say, and anyone can say it, but
you could also tell that he meant it, and had proven it as he was
saying it.

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