>True Grit (2010) Coen Bros.

>I keep thinking about True Grit. I have to see it again. The thing I like more and more about the Coen’s (particularly  this most recent run: Burn After Reading, A Serious Man — both really underrated, I felt — and now True Grit) is that they are not afraid to underplay things, and to let moments hang there, and allow event to unfold, and allow the audience to make what they will of it all. I never feel insulted by these films, never feel that the filmmakers have to tell me what to think.  Which is so much at odds with the way things are habitually done right now. Contrast with the execrable trailer that played beforehand featuring an actor as Neil Armstrong discovering Transformers on the moon in 1969. Yeah, the moon shot was too boring, it needs robots.

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