>A million words of crap.

>Last year I wanted to figure out how much fiction I’d written in my life, so I did, and realized that by the end of 2010 I could reach a nice round total of one million words, which is the John D. MacDonald starting line. I did reach that number, on December 30th.

I’d actually written quite a bit more than that, but decided not to count anything that was incomplete. Really it’s not that helpful to keeping starting stories and novels; it doesn’t count unless it’s finished, not even as practice, imho. Even a shitty, inept ending will teach something, even if it’s only: I should have never started this.

I say a million words of crap, but I hope it’s not all crap. I’ve managed to pursued nice editors to publish some of it, although, depending on who is commenting, a least some of that is crap too.

Anyway, I’m now a few thousand words into my second million. I’ll check in with you later.

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