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Product Description

After a home invasion ends with her husband’s murder, Connie imagines the worse that can happen—already has.

Besides, with a teenage son to raise alone, and an investment business to run, she can’t afford to feel sorry for herself—nor will she.

Connie knows how to survive. She always survives. She’s strong. Besides, she can lean on her best friend and business partner for support. She’s even got a new man in her life. Welcome to the new normal.

Then Connie discovers that her husband kept some dark secrets. Nor is everyone in her new world who he pretends to be. Connie must question everything she knows.

Everything except this: murder was just the beginning.

Evan Cobb, author of Perfect Likeness, Bad People, Exhibit A, and other crime and suspense novels, is the alter-ego of Michael Canfield. Under his own name he writes about monsters, superheroes, couples, babies, astronauts, paranoids, obsessives, and other people. He has published mystery, fantasy, science fiction, horror and just-plain-odd stories on fiction sites including StrangeHorizons, Spinetingler, EscapePod, Daily Science Fiction, in dead-tree magazines including Realms of Fantasy, Talebones, and Black Gate, and other places. “Super-Villains” was also republished in the prestigious Fantasy: The Year’s Best series, edited by Rich Horton (Prime Books). He divides his time between Seattle and Los Angeles, with frequent side-trips to Vegas.

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