The Ray Bradbury MFA, Day 5


“Of Unity in Religion” and “Of Revenge” The Essays of Francis Bacon. Based on the few I’ve read so far, Bacon has strong desire to state them obvious. Or maybe what he states wasn’t so obvious then, though I doubt it. In either case, it’s difficult for me to see how anyone could have ever convinced themselves that Bacon was also Shakespeare–unless they took the view that Francis saved the quirkiest bits of his worldview for the stage.


“Heartstrong” by Rachel Swirsky, Through the Drowsy Dark.  Taking a common, yet colorful, metaphor at treating it literally has resulted in many bad stories. One has to have Swirsky’s nearly perfect eye for detail, and her will to completely commit to emotional truths, to pull it off.


“a boy and his dog”, Charles Bukowski, Pleasures of the Damned. A character portrait of one of Bukowski’s neighbors, and not so much about the neighbor’s dog.

In a 2001 talk Ray Bradbury offered a way to fill up one’s head “a thousand nights” of reading: one poem, one essay, on story before bedtime. I’m giving it a shot at least for awhile (although not at bedtime), and when I think of anything to say about any particular day’s lessons, I’ll post about it. Read all posts in the series here.

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