Movies 2013 (addendum).

In my list of favorite movies from last year I meant to include a list of movies released theatrically in 2013 that I wanted to see but haven’t yet, and some other notes:

Fruitvale Station, The Hunt, Capital, The Silence, Casting by…, Tim’s Vermeer, The Unknown Known, Labor Day. Most are docs, which don’t usually show in theaters here so I’ll have to wait until I restart Netflix. (Except for the Penn Gillette movie which I might dowload illegally, he’s a libertarian, so what’s he gonna do, send his militia after me?) (That’s a joke by the way, pre-apologies to anyone offended).

Movies I really really hated, or found excessively boring or stupid: The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, 2Guns, The East, The English Teacher, & (the first 20 minutes of) Gangster Squad.

Guilty displeasures (movies I wished I’d been moved by more):

“Nebraska” Never thought I’d say that about an Alexander Payne movie.

“12 Years a Slave” McQueen such a cold or distance filmmaker, I had the same reaction to his last movie about sex-addiction, but maybe he chooses subject that would be unbearable to experience with anymore emotional involvment?

“Much Ado About Nothing” I felt Denisof was miscast and his voice was too nasal. Amy Acker was wonderful, as was Nathon Fillion in the small, broadly comic role of Dogberry, but fuck…Fillion would have made a wonderful Benedick, and would have still kept it in the Whedon family of players.

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