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Dear 1%: Stop whining, you cry babies. #OWS

If the 1% “job creator” class doesn’t like seeing people out on the street “whining” who don’t they go out an create some more jobs in the U.S.? When unemployment drops to 2% then they can complain about “slackers”. Until then, shut up, build the wealth that apparently only they, with their non-taxable income can create, and be thankful the protestors aren’t competing in the same dwindling job pool and the rest of us.

Statement of Gratitude to #OccupyWallStreet #OWS

Through the last couple weeks I’ve heard various commentators who find the protests offensive trot out the old cliches: “got a job!” “They’re just a bunch of slackers!” “They have no clear agenda!” “It’s just a bunch of aging hippies/ skateboarding slackers / what-have-you / all without real world experience or responsibilities”.  The irony of crying GET A JOB! amidst 9% unemployment is lost on these critics. (And we know that the real unemployment numbers are much higher than that; that the stats have been cooked for years to excluded the chronically unemployed, those who have had their spirits broken by winner-take-all capitalism, and have given up. They are not supposed to count. But they exist. So they count.)

I want you to know, that your critics are not fooling everybody. Sustained political protest is hard. It’s hard because many of the people hurting have too much on their plate to commit to it. They have jobs, they have families. They have crushing debts. They have health problems in a society that sees healthcare as a profit-making opportunity, and not a fundamental right like police protection of fire departments. They may hate that the corporations that cut their paychecks have the rights and privileges of “personhood” but not the accountability, but they need those paychecks.

So it falls to the young, or the fanatical, or the misfits, to begin the movement. It’s always been that way. To horribly mix a metaphor, it’s the outsiders, the people on the margins, that start the tide. Now the movement you began is starting to grow.

I won’t say don’t give up, because that would be arrogant. I will say: Keep at it as long as you can. But mostly I want to say: Thank you. You are fighting for me. You are fighting for us. The middle class, the formerly-middle-class, and the impoverished. I know this. A lot of people know this. Your passion, your desire for justice, is noted.

McCain’s “macaca” moment.

"That One," McCain Calls Obama in Debate (VIDEO)


This could be McCain's "macaca moment" not that one was needed. Some are saying that too much is being made of this phrase: McCain contemptuously referring to Obama as "that one." But that's a very dismissive way to speak about another human being, let alone a candidate for the most powerful office in the world. A lot of women, a lot of people of color, a lot of young people, a lot of people who have felt social disadvantage of one kind or another in their lives, will recognize that tone and that phrase of McCain's, will recognize what it feels like to be on the receiving end of this dismissive objectifying characterization, and they will not think better of McCain for it, nor should they.

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John Edwards – Asshole

Yes people have a right to privacy, and it's no one's business but the principals that Edwards conducted an extramarital affair while his wife undergoes cancer treatment. But he wanted to be president and he had to know how damaging this would be if it got out. If he had been nominated the Republicans could have used this against him. If he had been elected the Republicans could have effectively shut down his administration as they did in Clinton's second term. All these candidates have huge egos: McCain, Obama, the Clinton, sure. But Edwards' hubris could have resulted in four more years of Republican rule, yet he, secret life and all, felt the he was the best person to lead right now. Coming from me, this isn't much a rebuke: to be honest, I never thought much of him: an empty suit of a man, all haircut and platitudes, dimples and teeth. Now we'll have to listen to his staged mea culpa, his withdrawal from public life "to be with his family" while Elizabeth stands by the podium, humiliated and ashen. Yet another sideshow to distraction from the important business to be done in the next ninety days. Thanks Edwards, you asshole, thanks a great steaming pant load.

Edwards admits he had affair after heated denials – Yahoo! News

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