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New novelette out.

My one-and-only Sword & Sorcery tale "Citadel Ninety-Nine" has the cover in Theaker's Quarterly Fiction #30. It is now available as a free pdf dowload, (and in various other formats, some free and others for a nominal fee). 

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200 days writing.

I've worked on my fiction 200 consecutive days now, definitely blowing away my premillennial record of 175 days or so.

Here's what I managed in that time:

  1. One draft of a short  novel, "Red Jacket," 51,000 words last November during NaNoWriMo. (It's got superheroes.)
  2. One revision, and sale, of a 600-word short-short, "The Odd Poem." I'm told it will appear this summer on  How to Write Stories About Writers.
  3. Two new stories out now seeking homes: "The Language of Monsters," 6800 words (rejected once so far), and "HappYness by DeXign," 4000 words.
  4. One workshopped revision of the now even shorter "Red Jacket, " 42,000 words even with two additional chapters added. (It's still got superheroes.)
  5. All but the final draft of a third story, "The Solid House," now around 8500 words, but that'll come down below novelette length. Should be able to get this out by day 209.
  6. A couple days work on a long-incomplete novella,  and a week's work on a long-incomplete novel.

This list probably sounds ridiculously thin to some, and just a ridiculously bloated to others, so thanks for your indulgence!

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