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Could Palin be the most effective VP pick for McCain?

No they were not going to dump her ala Eagleton no matter how many scandals came out. The Republicans make their own reality. But Palin is clearly energizing the religious base of the party who might have stayed home this time. Add that votes lost to the expertise Republicans have gained over the past decade in vote stealing (Greg Palast ยป Steal Back Your Vote!) and it might be just enough for McCain to take the Electoral College plurality.

Then an increasingly infirm McCain, embittered and withdrawn after being bogged down with military actions in Iraq and Iran without an end in sight, is convinced to resign three and a half years into his third term. Palin/Huckabee 2012. The religious right can put up with McCain for one term or less. They’ve waited 2000 years for the Second Coming after all.

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