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For me, it’s done.IMG_0340

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New novelette out.

My one-and-only Sword & Sorcery tale "Citadel Ninety-Nine" has the cover in Theaker's Quarterly Fiction #30. It is now available as a free pdf dowload, (and in various other formats, some free and others for a nominal fee). 

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Charles Schulz / "Mad Men" / Radio Lab

"But in the mid-1950s a large part of [Schulz's] public consisted of good, plain people who felt guilty at being discontented in an epoch of unprecedented prosperity. Peanuts struck a chord with those who had thought they had everything they wanted only to discover that they didn't, and needed an acceptably gentle reminder of this insight."

— David Michaelis, Schulz and Peanuts pg 342.

Mad Men begins at the dawn of the sixties but the same dynamic is in play. Today the existential anxiety is coming from the unprecedented level of possibilities the connected world promises to offer (or should that be threatens to offer), as discussed in the first part of WNYC's Radio Lab latest program "Choice" with it description of new college grads frozen into inaction from fear of making decisions — each decision taken represents an elimination of some tantalizing (and now lost) hypothetical opportunity.

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Kanye West "Good Morning" video.

Cool Murakami furry-scifi animation:

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Sunrise by Shannon Hurley remixed

We spent all afternoon remixing a song on ccMixter using Garage Band which was fun. Garage Band’s not that intuitive though. We couldn’t do a lot of things — which is probably for the best, because it kept our band’s version simple. Not that we created any original samples, we grabbed everything from Creative Commons. Here’s the license. Another thing we would never ever been able to experience in the pre-digital age.

Here’s the original:

And here’s our version: A Simple Sunrise.mp3

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Letterman is funny.

Joke from the other night’s show:

“Fidel Castro is stepping down, and announced he will be succeeded by his idiot son Fidel W. Castro.”

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Err … this is supposed to be Kara Thrace …

Not EVEN close, I know, but I like the colors anyway – they sort of match this blog’s colors. I have this box of pastels and a 99ยข sketchpad left over from an exercise (but that’s another story).

Christmas Eve, I came across the supplies which were resting under a stack of books and mags I plan to sell some time. I noticed them when I added this month’s Wired to the stack, so thought I’d see what would come of playing around with these materials in the Silent Night, I made drew sketch from a small Katee Sackhoff-as-Starbuck publicity shot alongside a minor rant by a Wired staffer that BSG will not be back until April. Happy Holidays anyway, skiffy lovers!
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Design changes

Sadly, all the available fonts look crappy on Windows boxes. My advice: get a Mac, or run Ubuntu.

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According to this quiz-thingy Kucinich is my ideal candidate

But then again the same site’s “which college should I go to” and “which TV show should I watch” quizzes netted me the answers, “Texas Christian University,” and “CSI:NY” respectively. So I think I will stick with Obama for now, thank you very much for playing indeed!

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Better than average editing

Youtube has no shortage of old movie clips mashed with Queen’s “We Will Rock You”, but this one really works, the ape make-up makes it easy to match up the lyrics. I especially like the single shot of Dr. Zaius — a grumpy old orangutan perturbed by all the rockin’.

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And this …

Seal generator, again. Has added stuff since I played around with it last.


Latest "Heroes" review

My review of episode 19, “.07%” is now up on TVSquad.

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