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Day #15: 5000 words (25,406 total).


Day #14: 1716 words (20,406 of 50k goal).


Day #12: 0 words (18,225 of 50k).

& Day 13:  465 words (18,690 of 50k).


Day 10: 2479 words (16,526 of 50k).

Day 10 of 30. 1/3 the way there, and only about 150 words behind.


Writing Log #7 of 30. Words: 316 (Done: 7840 of 50,000+)

This .pdf has work times and word counts for the first 7 days.

WritingLog: Days 1-7.pdf


Writing log #1 1700wrds/ 19:30-22:30 / 180 minutes

Made a pact with myself to write every day for 30 days and finish a
certain word count by the end of it. Using a technique I found in the
work of psychiatrist Albert Ellis, I’ve written a check for $500 to the
NRA. If I don’t complete the set number of words I will have to mail
the check on March 1st 2005. Since I probably won’t even have that much
in checking at the time, I’ll also get a $25 overdraft fee, and be in
the hole all month. Talk about incentive. Think of it: even Moses wants
me to fail!
Today’s total: 1700 words.
Thoughts of encouragement are always welcome. Stop me before I fund the NRA!
Stay tuned, this could get embarrassing.