“Mayastray” Free: Persistent Visions

“The Language of Monsters” Deserts of Fire: Speculative Fiction and the Modern War

“Summon Up the Blood” See the Elephant #2

“A Health Plan for Wiseguys” Free print version: Fabula Argentea

“Junk Silver” Free print version: Daily Science Fiction (Free audio version: Far Fetched Fables #92)

“Scaffold”  Free: Spinetingler

“Facts About Gel, Gloop, and Other Semi-Viscous Substance You May Have Encountered Recently” Free: Daily Science Fiction

“The Odd Poem” Diet Soap #4 Slavery

“People with Earplugs” Free: Everyday Weirdness

“The Mushroom King” M-Brane SF #12/Ergosphere

“Citadel Ninety-Nine” Free download: Theaker’s Quarterly Fiction #30

“Attack of the 50 Ft. Cosmonaut” Daikaiju! 2: Giant Monster Tales Agog! Press. (Reprinted in The Mammoth Book of Kaiju)

“Landing Day” Talebones #35

“419 Memoirs” Flytrap #6

“Wednesday” Corpse Blossoms, Creeping Hemlock Press

“The Whited Child” Black Gate #9

 “Super-Villains  (Reprinted in Fantasy: The Best of the Year 2006 Prime Books)

“Fight to L.A.” Flytrap #4

“A Flavor of Quark” Lenox Avenue

“Peas and Carrots” Realms Of Fantasy

 “The Last Confessions of NinjaBaby”  (aka “Is You Is/Is You Ain’t”Free print version: Futurismic (Free Audio version: Escape Pod)

“Once Upon A Time at The Leaning Annex” Free: Strange Horizons

“Kank’s Last Breath” Flytrap #2

“The Food Processor” Borderlands Vol. 5  (Reissued as From the Borderlands, Warner Books) (Free Audio version: Drabblecast)

“The Crossing” MOTA 3: Courage

Et Cetera…

A Very Short Essay on Doubt (composed of very famous quotes) Free print version: eSkeptic

Tobias S. Buckell Interviews Michael Canfield Free.

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